Differences Regarding the Beard

6 thoughts on “Differences Regarding the Beard”

    1. Sorry I don’t have the time to do so, all the references are provided. If there is a specific text that you don’t have I can take a picture of it and email it to you or place it on my blog.

  1. jazaakallah. i understand. please email me the following arabic:
    Al-Qadi ‘Iyyad of the Malikis (Allah show mercy to him) mentions in his commentary on Sahih Muslim Ikmal al-Mu’lim commentating on the above regarding the beard: “Shaving, cutting, or burning it is disliked, as for trimming from its width and length, it is good.”

  2. please email me the texts of these 3 also
    Furthermore al-‘Allamah Ibn al-Humam (Allah show mercy to him) says in Fath al-Qadir: “The fact that a person follows what is easier upon himself from the statement of a mujtahid capable of ijtihad, I’m not aware that the sacred law has disparaged him from it, and he (Allah send peace and blessings upon him) used to like that which made ease for his nation.” (6/360)
    Al-Imam al-Nawawi (Allah show mercy to him) said in al-Rawdah: “Only that which its disapproval has been agreed upon can be disapproved, as for that which is differed upon then there is no disapproval of it because every mujtahid is correct or only one is correct which we are not aware of.” (10/219)
    Al-Qadi ‘Iyyad (Allah show mercy to him) mentions in Ikmal al-Mu’lim: “The one who commands good and forbids evil shouldn’t impose the ijtihad of his school upon people, rather he only changes that which its disapproval and innovation has been agreed upon.” (1/289)

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